Frequently Asked Questions - General

FAQs - General

You need to be able to swim 200m (8 lengths of a 25m pool) with a mask, snorkel and fins. This is easy if you have an average level of fitness. 


No, holding your breath is not the most important part of freediving and your breath hold times will improve quickly within the first pool session. 


No, when you follow the basic water safety protocols freediving is even safer than scuba diving.


You can rent gear to start, but it is advisable to get your own mask, fins and wetsuit. 

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Don't worry you will still have loads of fun on your course. You have 12 months to complete the course which will allow you time to practice and comfortably reach the required depths.


Being able to release "let go" of mental tension and relax during your training dives. This is just beginner’s nerves and it passes quickly within 1 or 2 diving sessions.

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These are the main freediving disciplines that we will be looking at in your course:

1. CWT - (Constant Weight Freedive) swim down and back up from your chosen depth with a weight belt around your waist. i.e. no sleds or changeable ballast system.
2. DYN - (Dynamic Apnea) swim horizontally in a swimming pool for a chosen distance
3. STA - (Static Apnea) lie motionless face down in a swimming pool for a chosen amount of time



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As the surrounding water pressure increases you will need to "equalize" the air space in your ears by pushing air from your throat into your middle ear. You do this whenever you go on an airplane or change altitude when driving a car. 



If you are affected by motion sickness in any way then you should ask your doctor for motion sickness tablets. 

No, freediving is not about putting yourself in a scary or dangerous situation, you just need a healthy desire to challenge yourself and be willing to move out of your comfort zone. 


Yes, your first open ocean session is in shallow water (10-12m) with colourful coral reefs below. 


You are going to learn a number of simple techniques which will enable you to freedive, if you apply what you learn during your training the depth requirements will follow comfortably.