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Adventure Freediver -  2 days - R3 500

This is a 2-day freediving course that covers the basics of safe recreational freediving. This course will allow you and your buddy to freedive on reefs and interact with marine animals like dolphins, sharks and turtles. It includes: breathing, relaxation, physiology, equipment, equalization, open water freediving techniques and recreational freediving safety procedures.


  • What will you learn?

On successful completion of the course you will be comfortable to: 

1. breath-up and take a good dive breath

2. duck dive and move in a streamlined manner

3. freedive to depths of 5-10m (without a training line)

  • What is included in this package?

1. training materials and instructor lead tuition through audio/visual presentations (2-3 hrs) 

2. gear hire

3. two open ocean qualifying dive sessions (1hr each)

4. Adeventure Freediver certification and registration (Pure Apnea)

  • What does it cost, how long does it take?

R3 500 / 2 days